Colm Clark


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Underneath the surface
just below the sheen
there is ruin
there is rot

Dead skin, fingernails
nose hair toe jam

Dust bunny tumbleweeds
of eyelash and dandruff

Hubble-barns of shavings
a metric ton of farts

oceans of urine
blood, semen, snot

wilderness of microbes
pathogens, and germs

universe of unswept debris

Pieces of us fall away
the pretty things
that matter —
our bodies in decay

Every moment
in decline
every day
older, greyer

All else is fine
but it’s fiction, innit?
alternate histories
of who we never are
or never were

not quite




Pigeon pic by, Collage by author.

I am
the overpass

with the sh*t
and the
broken glass

for something
to come

but …
Twenty Two’s
screeching brakes
will have to do

Maybe tomorrow
my number
will come

I’ll leave
the underpass
and its sea
of broken glass

Until then …
I take my place
in line



Colm Clark

Colm Clark

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